Wisdom from unexpected places

Being open and curious are high values for me, and something I’ve noticed is that some of the most incredible wisdom and insight that I’ve gained recently has come from people it would have been so easy to pass by. We tend to adhere to the same sources and resources, but just imagine how much we can gain from allowing the wisdom of someone we might have dismissed to enter our realm.

I love to learn, especially topics related to personal growth. This entry is going to be short and sweet, because what I really want to do is lead you to these three brilliant, young men who have truly changed my life. They’re all around half my age, about my son’s age. But that really doesn’t matter, because they’ve all shared themselves and their wisdom in such an inspiring, personal and genuine way that they’ve all inspired me to be more authentic, too. As a baby-boomer woman, I could have taken the attitude ‘what can they possibly teach me,’ but I’m so glad I didn’t.

I hope you will explore what they have to offer, and remain open and curious to wisdom and viewpoints of people who appear nothing like you on the surface. It just might allow you to realize how much more alike we all are than different.

Justin Michael Williams: A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us and so much more

Sah D’Simone: The person who truly opened my eyes to abundance mindset

David Gandelman: Spiritualim + humor

Connection: why is it so hard?

For the past few years, I’ve used Danielle LaPorte’s Core Desired Feelings planner/calendar and one of my CDFs is ‘connection.’ I shared some thoughts in a previous post about the importance of community, and I’ve read that research shows that having meaningful connections with others is actually more important to our health than whether or not we’re a smoker.

But given the especially horrific events of recent days and all the talk about how divided we are, both in the U.S. and worldwide, it seems that connecting with others, especially if they look different and/or come from a different background, is pretty challenging for most people. And while it’s true that technology keeps us less connected and in the moment face-to-face, there is clearly a lot more to this issue than just distraction and lack of awareness.

A big part is played by fear and judgement: fear that others won’t like us if we reveal who we truly are; judgement that we think we are superior in some way to others. Below are my favorite resources this week that I hope will inspire discussion for you that creates more connection in your life. The flip side of fear is love. And truly, as trite as it may sound, what the world needs now is love.

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