The power of 3

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my affinity for the number 3. Perhaps it’s because I am one of 3 sisters. For many years, I’ve noticed how I like to do things in 3’s: 3 reps of a yoga pose, 3 beautiful Glassy Baby candles, 3 recommended links on this post (and I just listed 3!). I have 3 ‘CDFs’ – Core Desired Feelings – that drive my Desire Map Planner (see the first recommendation below): Connection, Quality, Simplicity. I used to have 5 CDFs, but one day recently I realized that it seemed time to drop a couple of them. Having three feels more spacious and open. As I mentioned last month, I am making a strong effort to prioritize creating more ‘white space’ in my life.

I’ve never been that great at math, but I do find number patterns fascinating. My birthday is 111. Recently I dreamt several numbers, which were all 3-digit numbers. I like to notice number patterns and wonder about their potential significance.

As the year draws to a close, it’s easy to get caught up in feeling like you ‘have to’ do so many things: celebrate the holidays in a certain way, see certain people, feel pressure to be happy and to make sure you reach all the goals you set out for the year. Goals and intentions are great, but at this point in the year, it’s a bit like cramming for a test to try to complete things that you haven’t yet.

I invite you to pick three things that truly matter to you to focus on for the final month of 2019. Don’t over-think it, don’t spend too much time on it, but tune in to your inner landscape and let those three things rise to the surface. Then let the rest go.

Wishing you a serene season of light, whatever your beliefs may be.

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